What's New at the RRWMB?

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What's new at the RRWMB?

RRWMB Strategic Plan

RRWMB Strategic Plan was approved on December 17, 2019.
Executive Summary
Strategic Plan
Progress Indicators

2018 Audit Report for the RRWMB

The audit report for 2018 is now available online. To view a copy, click here.

It Started with a Meeting at the Warren Fire Hall

RRWMB Administrator Naomi Goral recently met with Don Ogaard, the visionary who created the Red River Watershed Management Board in 1976. Ogaard celebrated his 90th birthday in 2016. This is Don Ogaard's story...  more>>

Mr. Finney Goes to Washington DC

John FinneyJohn Finney, President of the Red River Watershed Management Board and Co-chair of the Red River Retention Authority presented testimony about watershed infrastructure projects in the Red River Valley at a hearing held by the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry.   more>>

2016 Annual Report

The FY 2016 spending plan approved by the Work Group allocated $264,000 each fiscal year to support collaborative watershed-based efforts to implement the 1998 Mediation Agreement.  more>>

Red River Coordinator Looks Back at 33-Year Career

For 33 years, Dan Thul has been an invaluable resource for the Red River Watershed Management Board and its members. more>>

Project Update: North Ottawa Impoundment Project Complete

The North Ottawa Impoundment Project, developed by the Bois de Sioux Watershed District, is officially complete. more>>


An innovative technology solution is allowing water quality professionals to develop water quality plans and prioritize projects more accurately to receive state funding. more>>

River Rendezvous

The RRWMB is recognized in the International Water Institute’s recent edition of River Rendevous more>>

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Our 2016 Summer News and Views newsletter is available in a printable version. more>>

Slowing Red River Flooding

Allowing rivers to meander again, restoring wetlands and other natural solutions are slowing flooding in the Red River Valley but also providing new and better habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife.

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