The Flood Damage Reduction Work Group relied on a Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee (TSAC) to provide technical and scientific information and analysis in support of the mediation effort.  The TSAC represented a range of disciplines, including hydrology, engineering, ecology, soils science, and economics.  The TSAC developed a series of working papers to address key topics associated with flood damage reduction and modeled the use of different strategies for flood damage reduction.  The TSAC did its work based on consensus, and its work products reflect consensus recommendations to the Work Group.

TSAC Committee Members

Charlie Anderson

Bruce Paakh

Al Kean

Christine Herwig

Nate Dalager

Doug Wells

Jim Solstad

Barbara Walther


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Project Teams

The concept of a “Project Team” was created in the Red River Basin Flood Damage Reduction Work Group mediation agreement, December 9, 1998.  The agreement outlines a project development process for reducing flood damage and improving natural resources in the Minnesota portion of the Red River Basin that involves early consultation and collaboration among all stakeholders and a cooperative approach to permitting projects.

Project Teams are responsible for working with a project from development of a project concept through to project construction and monitoring.  A Project Team consists of appropriate stakeholders (watershed districts, state, federal and tribal agency personnel, local government officials, affected landowners and interested citizen group representatives), including at least one designated contact person from each agency.  Members of the Project Team are appointed by the watershed board of managers.

Project proposers can use the Project Team process for projects that are large, complex, or have the potential to be controversial. But even small, relatively minor projects can be advanced through this process if the project proposer believes that the project could be expedited or would benefit from the group decision-making and regulatory coordination inherent in this process.

The FDR Work Group has developed a Project Team Handbook that contains all the information needed to manage the Project Team process.  The Handbook is available for watershed district managers and administrators as well as the members of the Project Teams.

To view a copy of our Project Team Handbook, Click Here.

Water Quality

Water Quality Committee Members

Danni Halvorson

Jeff Lewis

Chuck Fritz

Henry Van Offelen

Evelyn Ashiamah

Jim Ziegler



Finance Committee Members

Naomi Goral

Jim Ziegler

Ron Harnack

Brian Dwight

Jerome Deal

Dan Wilkens



Communications Committee Members

Naomi Goral

Henry Van Offelen

Rob Sip

Jim Ziegler

Tracy Halstensgard

Stephanie Miranowski

 Julie Goehring


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